Schools are about to start in a short time and it is time to decorate our classrooms with posters and other visuals to support learning. I listed some of the websites where you can find these below. No matter what type of intelligence or a preferred learning style a student has, visual support makes a huge impact on learning. Therefore, they should be treated as part of the learning process. Please share with us what you think of them and other websites that you know after you have checked them.

Med Kharbach has a wonderful section on Tools to Create Posters for Your Classroom.  I would add GlogsterEdu to this list. You may also like his post on 40 educational posters for teachers. He has another list: 40 Great Tools to Create Infographics with Your Students in his blog, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

You can download free posters and banners from Teacher’s Pet, a free subscription site.

Teaching Ideas is another website where you can find free teaching and display resources to download.

You can download free posters, banners and other resources from Twinkl for your K-6 classes.

Bev Evans offers great free visuals in her website, Communication 4 All for young learners and students with special needs.

Edgalaxy is a great website where you can find useful resources and free posters for your classrooms.

Primary Resources offers posters on all subjects.

Teaching Essentials offers  posters, signs, labels to brighten up your classroom.

Marge D Teaching Posters is an awesome website designed by a teacher in Australia with valuable resources. While you are downloading the free resources, you can also take a quick tour of her classroom in Australia to see how she decorated it. I loved the Thinking Wall that she designed.

Pinterest is a great place to find creative posters for your classrooms and to pin your favorite ones to share them with the world.

Mia Mac Meekin has an awesome infographic on How to Make an Infographic Using Photo chart on her blog An Ethical Island – How to Teach Without Lecturing and Other Fun.

Teachthought offers 14 brilliant Bloom’s Taxonomy posters for teachers.

Finally, please check my Pinterest board on posters.

If you know some other sites, please let us know.


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