De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a simple but powerful method to teach students to think about problems from different perspectives, and to work collaboratively. In this process, thought is divided into six separate areas in order to develop greater clarity over each aspect. Encouraging students to try out roles makes it easier for them to understand the approaches to thinking through problems.

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This approach can be used to discuss:

In this PowerPoint Marge D uses six thinking hats as a reflection tool for students to evaluate their progress in learning.

Teachers who need more information on Six Thinking Hats can watch the video in the Skype English Blog.

Here is another resource on 6 thinking hats by Dr. Kaya Prpic from the University of Melbourne.

This PowerPoint presentation by Microsoft Partners in Learning may also be helpful.

You can find many free resources on Six Thinking Hats and any subject you want to teach at TES (Time English Supplement), one of the  world’s largest online network of teachers. It’s a free subscription site and a great place for teachers who are looking for innovative ideas and resources.

Primary Resources is another website where you can find free resources prepared by teachers on every subject. Click on Learning Styles Resources for posters on Bloom question stems and six thinking hats

If there are other resources that you would like to share on Six Thinking Hats or how you are applying this technique in your classes, please let me know.

SOURCE: Rock.Paper.Scissors Blog

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