aysin_alpWelcome to my blog!

My name is Aysin Alp.  During  my 30-year education career, I have  worked as an English teacher, university instructor, vice principal, and English department head. Currently, I am working at TED İstanbul Foundation Schools  as head of foreign languages. You can find me posting on this blog where I will be writing about learning and leading in the 21st century with regular updates.

I strongly believe that we have to make use of  creative technology to expand each person’s creative ability  to meet  the demands of the century we live in. Teaching  today is inseparable from ICT and all teachers should be trained to be able to use the new technology effectively in their classes. In fact, it is the new technology today that made us rethink everything we have learned about education and provided us with the information we need to do it. However, using  technology doesn’t always mean that you are a 21st century teacher. Unless we combine technology with contemporary teaching methods, making use of the new  discoveries in neuroscience and unless we ensure that the educators who work in our schools are learning experts – that they understand the process of learning and how it varies from one student to another, we can’t end up with creative, innovative, self-directed,  self-motivated, lifelong learners that the 21st century work places and social life require.

Instead of focusing on the test scores and measuring students’ and teachers’ performance with them, we should focus on the learning process, thinking and and inquiry-based models  combined with ICT.  Therefore, all principals and teachers should be fully involved in making learning the core business of the schools. This approach will improve the test scores in the long-run anyway if we really ‘own’ the process. However, we should keep in mind that success in these test scores doesn’t  guarantee success in life in the 21st century as most of these tests don’t measure  the skills required by the 21st century.

With all these in mind, I decided to set up this blog to share resources and to explore, exchange and create  ideas so that our students can learn to learn to become lifelong learners in environments facilitating the active, participative, interactive, reflective and creative, processes that bring learning to life. Everyone is welcome  to give feedback and to contribute by sharing ideas and resources .

Best regards,

Aysin Alp